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2018.11.01 Thu

Extention of the domain of JAXA Realtime Rainfall Watch (GSMaP_NOW)

JAXA has operated the “JAXA Realtime Rainfall Watch” website and the product “GSMaP_NOW” from November 2015, which provides “realtime” rainfall information within GEO-satellite Himawari domain.

On this occasion, the domain of JAXA Realtime Rainfall Watch (GSMaP_NOW) is extended to GEO-satellite Meteosat domain (Fig. 1).

Domain of GSMaP_NOW.
Fig.1 Domain of GSMaP_NOW.

JAXA Realtime Rainfall Watch provides realtime rainfall information even over the area lacking ground-observation network and/or oceans. which leads to the utilization for rainfall monitoring in Asia-Pacific regions so far. It is expected to expand the utilization for area including Africa, southwestern part of Asia.

Please see the following movie for how to use the website.

If you are interested in the past rainfall since March 2000, please refer to another website “JAXA Global Rainfall Watch“.

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