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JAXA is publicizing standard product and research product. Accuracy of standard product is guaranteed by JAXA. Higher level processing data that is under development by JAXA is released as research product.

Standard product (provided by G-Portal)

Middle to low resolution satellite data such as GCOM-C, GCOM-W, GPM, GSMaP, TRMM, AQUA, ADEOS, ADEOS-II, JERS-1, MOS-1, MOS-1b, SLATS and CIRC is provided by Global Portal System, G-Portal. If you want to search or obtain standard product (accuracy of the data is guaranteed by JAXA), please follow the link below.

GOSAT・GOSAT-2 Data, Research product

If you are interested in accessing GOSAT, GOSAT-2 data, or research products (higher level processing data developed by JAXA), please access to the following website.

Data Usage Policy

Please follow the data usage policy described on each data distribution website. Following data usage policy is applicable to most of the JAXA Earth observation satellite data.

*Some data of the Advanced Land Observing Satellite “DAICHI” (ALOS) series and the data of Meteorological satellite “Himawari” have restriction on use. For the details, please refer to data usage policy described on each data distribution website.

Usage Support

If you have any questions about data usage, please contact us using the form below.

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