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2014.05.19 Mon

Termination of the ALOS User Interface Gateway(AUIG) service

The AUIG service has been suspended since April 28, 2014, because of security reason.

Since then we had evaluated every possible solution, but found that any of them would take huge time to restart the service.

Considering that the AUIG2 which is the next generation of AUIG is going to start in this year, we decided to terminate the service of the AUIG.

After the end of the AUIG, following services will be available.

  1. to search ALOS catalogs
    you can search ALOS catalogs with G-Portal.
  2. to order ALOS products
    if you want to order ALOS products, please contact one of the order desks below.
    1. Joint Researchers and PI contact point
      Order desk/EORC(Earth Observation Research Center)
    2. General Users contact point
      Remote Sensing Technology Center of Japan (RESTEC)

    3. General contact point ALOS System Operator

  3. to refer to the information which was in the AUIG pages
    The information of the ALOS operations and the products, which was in the AUIG pages, will move to the following URL.

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