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The Joint PI Meeting of JAXA Earth Observation Missions FY2021

Last Update: 2022.3.28

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) will hold “FY2021 The Joint PI Meeting of JAXA Earth Observation Missions” online. The details are as follows.

The objective of the meetings is encouragement of cooperation among the Principal Investigators (PIs) who belong to JAXA Global Environmental Observation Missions, GCOM-W, AMSR3, GCOM-C, PMM, EarthCARE, ALOS-2, ALOS-3, ALOS-4, and MOLI, through the reports provided by them.

The workshop sessions are scheduled in the morning or evening considering time differences and to avoid having sessions at the same time so that participants can join as many sessions as possible. Since it is the final year of EORA2, the workshop period is planned longer than usual. Poster sessions will be held to show more research results. Basically, only PIs and CIs are eligible to join the workshop.

The joint Plenary sessions and PI sessions of other Global Environment Observation Missions except ALOS, such as GCOM-W, AMSR3, GCOM-C, PMM, EarthCARE, and MOLI, will be held in January 2022. The information will be announced as soon as it is ready, probably in November. We expect your participation.

As for ALOS, the sessions related to ALOS-3 will be held on September 6, 2021, only for The ALOS-3 Calibration/Validation and Science Team since ALOS-3 is planned to be launched in this winter season. The ALOS-2 and ALOS-4 sessions are scheduled in November. The registration website is now available, and the registration in advance is required. Once you obtain your ID and password from the website, the ID and password are valid for the sessions held after November as well. Your information can be edited after registration. If you join the sessions held in January, please update your information. It is highly recommended for ALOS-2/ALOS-4 PIs and CIs, who provide poster sessions, to register with the website early for your preparation.

Project Sessions of Each Satellite ■Date and Time
  (1) ALOS-3 (Closed Session): September 6, 2021
  (2) ALOS-2/ALOS-4: from November 9 to November 12, 2021
  (3) GCOM-W/AMSR3/GCOM-C/PMM/EarthCARE/MOLI: From January 12 to January 27, 2022
  * Please see “Program and Registration Page” for the
  schedule details.
  Session Hours: 9:00-12:30 (JST), 14:00-19:00 (JST), 19:00-22:00(JST)
  * Sessions which are held before/after the session hours above will be
■Meeting Style
  Web meetings and Web poster sessions
  PIs and CIs (Registration is required.)
Joint Plenary Sessions ■Date and Time
  (1) January 20, 2022 15:00-17:30 (JST)
  (2) January 21, 2022 15:00-18:00 (JST)
  (1) Plenary Session: Status of JAXA Earth Observation and Satellite Projects
  (2) Theme Session
■Meeting Style
  Web meetings
  PIs and CIs (Registration is required.)

Please visit the registration website and complete your registration. The deadline for registration is as follows. The URL and Login ID/Password of the sessions will be announced later for the registered participants with who have entry qualifications. If you are neither a PI nor CI, please ensure that you write the name of the person who recommend you.

【The deadline for registration】

●ALOS-3 session: August 31 12:00(JST), 2021
●ALOS-2/ALOS-4 sessions: September 30, 2021
●Other sessions except ALOS: December 20, 2021

Poster Sessions: If you present your poster, please follow the guideline below.
File: Vertical, A0 size, 1 page in PDF
Deadline: 1 week before the sessions. Not editable after the deadline.

Program and RegistrationRegistration and Meeting have been closed.

The presentation materials from the Plenary Session held on January 20, 2022, can be viewed from the list below.

■Plenary Session Presentation Materials [January 20, 2022]

Title Presenter Belongs
1 Greetings TERADA, Koji JAXA
2 Updates of EORC Activities OKI, Riko JAXA/EORC
3 Progress Report : GCOM-W & AMSR3 KACHI, Misako JAXA/EORC
4 Progress Report : GCOM-C TANAKA, Kazuhiro JAXA/GCOM
6 EarthCARE/CPR Update TOMITA, Eichi JAXA/EarthCARE
7 ALOS-2 Update SOBUE, Shinichi JAXA/ALOS-2
8 Progress Report :  ALOS-4 MIURA, Satoko JAXA/ALOS-4
9 ALOS-3 Update WATARAI, Hidenori JAXA/ALOS-3
10 GOSAT and GOSAT-2 Progress Report KUZE, Akihiko JAXA/GOSAT
11 Progress Report :  MOLI IMAI, Tadashi JAXA/SSRG
12 Future Mission Report MATSUO, Naoko JAXA/SAOC

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