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The Joint PI Meeting of JAXA Earth Observation Missions FY2018

Main objectives of the meeting are review of the yearly results from Principal Investigators (PIs) of JAXA Global Environmental Observation Missions, GCOM-W, GCOM-C, PMM, EarthCARE, and ALOS-2, and Earth Observation Priority Research, and encouragement of collaboration among those science groups. In the plenary session of the meeting, we plan status reports and introduction from JAXA satellite project managers and other related international partners. A Joint poster session will be held for more detail discussions after the plenary session.

Date: January 21, 2019 – January 25, 2019 (Refer to attached file)
*Joint Plenary Session is planned to be held on the afternoon of January 21,2019.
Venue: TKP Tokyo Station Nihon-bashi Conference Center

Program and Registration
* This meeting can be attended only PI and CI.【ALOS-2】
* This meeting can be attended only PI,CI and JAXA satellite mission person concerned.【except for ALOS-2】

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