Description This site provides the information on the current status and seasonal/interannual variability of climate forming physical quantities.
Research Field Land, Sea, Snow and sea ice, Water cycle
Application Agriculture, Fishery, Energy, Air pollution monitoring
Product Solar radiation reaching the earth’s surface (photosynthetically available radiation), Cloudiness, Snow and sea ice cover, Dryness of vegetation (water stress trend), Soil moisture, Wild fire, Precipitation, Land and sea surface temperature, etc.
Format Web map, HDF, NetCDF, Binary data
Area The whole world
Period Depend on Products. See JASMES Portal for further information.
Spatial Resolution 250m – 25km
Temporal Resolution Every day, Every 8 days, Every month
Terms of Use This policy is applied. Additionally, not specified items are confirmed to this policy.
Tags Agriculture, Ocean and Sea, Land, Ice and Snow, Climate, Atmosphere, Fishery, Energy, SHIZUKU (GCOM-W), SHIKISAI (GCOM-C), MODIS, Global, Asia, Around Japan, Polar Region, Middle Resolution, Daily, Web Map, Download, Multiple Satellites (JASMES), For beginner, Commercial Use Allowed (Free of charge), Forest Fire, Drought

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