JAXA Himawari Monitor (P-Tree)

Description This site provides standard data of Geostationary Meteorological Satellite Himawari provided by Japan Meteorological Agency and physical quantities data created by Himawari standard data (JAXA).
Research Field Weather, Land, Sea, Atmosphere, Forest fire
Application Weather forecast, Disaster, Agriculture, Fishery, Energy, Air pollution monitoring, Education
Product Sea Surface Temperature, Aerosol Optical Thickness, Radiation, Chlorophyll-a Concentration, Wild Fire, etc.
Format Web map, PNG image, NetCDF, CSV
Area Asia, Oceania
Period View: July 2015 – now, Download: Past 30 days – now
Spatial Resolution 0.5km – 5km
Temporal Resolution Every few minutes
Terms of Use This policy is applied.
Tags Ocean and Sea, Agriculture, Land, Atmosphere, HIMAWARI, Weather, Fishery, Energy, Asia, Around Japan, Middle Resolution, Low Resolution, Daily, Web Map, Download, Education, Commercial Use Not Allowed, For beginner, Forest Fire, Typhoon, Hurricane and Cyclone

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