JASMES SGLI Standard Data Monitor

Description This site provides global observation results by GCOM-C/Second generation GLobal Imager(SGLI)
Research Field Land, Sea, Snow and sea ice
Application Agriculture, Fishery, Energy, Air pollution monitoring
Product Land Surface Temperature, Normalized Difference Vegetation Index, Sea Surface Temperature, Chlorophyll-a Concentration, Aerosol Optical Thickness, etc.
Format PNG image
Area The whole world, Around Japan
Period November 2018 – now
Spatial Resolution 250m – 5km
Temporal Resolution Every day, Every 8 days, Every month
Terms of Use This policy is applied. Additionally, not specified items are confirmed to this policy.
Tags SHIKISAI (GCOM-C), Land, Atmosphere, Ocean and Sea, Ice and Snow, Fishery, Energy, Global, Asia, Around Japan, Daily, Multiple Satellites (JASMES), Middle Resolution, Download, Commercial Use Allowed (Free of charge), Forest Fire

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