JAXA Realtime Rainfall Watch

Description This site provides rainfall status in the world observed by using GPM Core Observatory etc. It shows you rainfall status in the world up to about 1 hour ago from now, almost realtime.
Research Field Weather, Atmosphere, Water cycle
Application Weather forecast, Disaster, Agriculture, Education, Sightseeing
Product Global rainfall data set using multiple satellites
Format Web map, CSV, Binary data
Area The whole world (Latitude 60S-60N)
Period March 2017 – about 1 hour ago
Spatial Resolution 0.1 degree latitude/longitude
Temporal Resolution Every 30 minutes
Terms of Use This policy is applied. Additionally, not specified items are confirmed to this policy.
Tags Rainfall, Atmosphere, GPM Core Observatory, SHIZUKU (GCOM-W), HIMAWARI, TRMM, Multiple Satellites (GSMaP), Disaster, Weather, Global, Asia, Around Japan, Low Resolution, Daily, Web Map, Download, Commercial Use Allowed (Free of charge), For beginner, Typhoon, Hurricane and Cyclone

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