MODIS Near Realtime Data

Description Tokai University Information Technology Center (TRIC) is receiving NASA MODIS data. JAXA provides the data to the public after quasi-real-time processing.
URL https://www.eorc.jaxa.jp/cgi-bin/adeos/modis_index.cgi
Research Field Land, Sea, Atmosphere
Application Agriculture, Fishery
Product Sea Surface Temperature, Chlorophyll-a Concentration, Aerosol Optical Thickness, etc.
Format PNG image, Binary data
Area Around Japan
Period April 2001 – now
Spatial Resolution 250m – 1km
Temporal Resolution Every day
Terms of Use This policy is applied. Additionally, not specified items are confirmed to this policy.
Tags MODIS, Land, Ocean and Sea, Atmosphere, Download, Daily, Around Japan, Middle Resolution, Commercial Use Allowed (Free of charge)

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