AMSR Earth Environment Viewer

Description This site provides global observation images and data by Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer (AMSR) series on board GCOM-W etc. Available in near-real-time, visualization and download with user customize.
Research Field Water cycle, Sea, Snow and sea ice, Atmosphere
Application Fishery, Climate change research
Product Sea Surface Temperature, Sea Surface Wind Speed, Land Surface Temperature, Snow Depth, Soil Moisture Content, Precipitation, Total Precipitable Water, Cloud Liquid Water, Sea Ice Concentration, Detection of Thin Sea Ice
Format PNG image, Time Series Graph image and CSV data
Area The whole world
Period June 2002 – now
Spatial Resolution 0.1 degree latitude/longitude
Temporal Resolution Every day
Terms of Use This policy is applied.
Tags SHIZUKU (GCOM-W), Daily, Ocean and Sea, Land, Atmosphere, Ice and Snow, Fishery, Global, Asia, Around Japan, Low Resolution, Web Map, Download, For beginner, Commercial Use Allowed (Free of charge)

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