DOI numbers for JAXA Earth observation satellite products

JAXA Space Technology Directorate I has assigned the DOI (Digital Object Identifier) [1] numbers to the JAXA Earth observation satellite products*, in order to clarify the origin of products, guarantee product traceability, and centrally provide product-related information by consolidating the associated information on the Landing Pages.
*The term “product” is used in the meaning of "what is processed to an original satellite data".

Target Products

The DOI numbers were assigned to “standard” products which JAXA guarantees its accuracy to and permanently stores and provides from the Earth observation satellite data provision system, G-Portal. “Near real-time” products which are ones aiming at quick report rather than its accuracy are out of focus because they will be deleted after a certain period. The DOI numbers given to the products can be checked in the list of the DOI numbers. JAXA is considering DOI assignments to other products and data delivered from non-G-Portal system in future.

DOI Assignment Rule

The DOI numbers were assigned based on the guideline[4] of Japan Link Center (JaLC)[3], which is one of the DOI registration agencies, and the one of Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS)[5].


In general, the Earth observation satellite products are classified as follows:

Individual products observed and processed daily
Collection of granules processed by the same algorithm

It is ideal to assign a DOI number granule by granule. However, considering that a huge number of products are processed every day, JAXA decided to assign a DOI number to a collection, not to a granule.

Product Version

Algorithm update might be made for products having DOI numbers. It is recommended that a different DOI number should be given to the updated products in the guideline[5], but JAXA does not give a new DOI number to those. Instead, the version histories are listed in the “version description" of the Landing Pages.

DOI Number

As shown in Figure 1, a DOI number consists of two elements, “Prefix” and “Suffix.”

  Prefix Suffix
DOI Example 10.57746/ EO. 12345

Figure 1 Structure of DOI

Prefix is fixed with “10.57746” as assigned by JaLC and suffix is "EO." + "a unique number assigned to each product". Individual DOI number can be checked in the list of the DOI numbers.

Registration of DOI Numbers

The DOI numbers were registered through JaLC as described above. Those were also registered into Data Cite [6] as a DataCite consortium organization. In addition to metadata search on the landing page, those on the web pages of JaLC and DataCite are available. Please use “JAXA” as a search term when you try metadata search on those web sites.

How to use DOI

Citation in a Publication

Please cite a DOI number according to a rule defined by a journal or a conference. When you cite a DOI number for a product which has various versions, JAXA doesn’t distinguish the versions. In such case, please add the version number to the URL.
“ version xx”

How to Check a Product Information through the Landing Page

Please add a DOI number right after “” and enter it in your browser.